Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Member Story - Sewinmachine

Here's a wonderful Etsy shop that sells unique and very functional ipod covers! 

Thanks to Sewinmachine's Jennifer Waldron for sharing her story:

Art is the first thing I remember being good at doing. I have always loved art and crafts. In the past I have drawn, painted, made pottery, 3d glass paintings, and photography. I have also taught myself how to knit, crochet, and sew.

I currently sew handmade iPod and cell phone cases out of eco-fi felt, which is made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles. Cases are hand sewn and bring a smile to your face with their happy animal designs.

I have been working since I was 15 years old. Even throughout college I kept at least 2 steady part time jobs. I graduated in 2007 and planted myself my dream job as a first grade teacher in Monterey County. Teaching isn’t as easy as you would think, but I loved my job, especially the kids. In Feb. 2009, I found out that due to budget cuts I would not be rehired for the following school year. I became very depressed and didn’t know what my next step in life would be. I moved to Northern California to live with my boyfriend while he finishes up college, he will be graduating in May.
While shopping for our new apartment at Ikea, I came across an awesome orange and black bird fabric that I just couldn’t live without. I decided I wanted to make it into a purse and taught myself how to sew. The purse idea slowly evolved into ipod cases and then Sewinmachin was born! I love my new job!! My boyfriend is a full time student, so Sewinmachine along with my unemployment check (which expires in May) supports us right now!

Loosing my job was very hard for me. I felt like all of my life long dreams were crushed and that I would never be able to pick myself back up, but I have… in a way that I never though possible. If you are in a similar position, you can turn your life around too, just do what you love and keep with your craft!

Visit her shop today! Sewinmachine


  1. Sewinmachine's shop is soooooooooooo cute!

  2. right on sister! keep the momentum going - your items are so cute!