Friday, March 19, 2010

Member Story - Susan Williams Designs

Thanks Susan for sharing your story!

What kind of art/craft do you do?
I make jewelry mainly from guitar picks and hardware, but do other jewelry too. I mostly use glass beads and stone beads. I also do some painting and have a shop for that

How did you get interested in it?
I took a lot of art in high school (a very long time ago) including jewelry. I majored in Constructive Design my first round of college.
How long have you been crafting?
I have been crafting since I was a little girl. My parents are European and so we learned embroidery, crochet, knitting, sewing, etc. Wish I remembered how to crochet and knit.What was your day job and what happened?
My last REAL job was at an equine hospital. I worked in the accounting department. I left the job and moved to Tennessee, but we returned to the area eight months later. By then, the job market was starting to collapse. There weren't a lot of decent jobs in this area to begin with. I have done some temp jobs, but even now, there really aren't even menial jobs available and they won't hire me anyway, because I am overqualified. I have applied everywhere.

How did you turn a negative to a positive?
This really has turned into a plus for me. I have always worked while my daughter was little and in school. I want to be home for her now, even thought she is in high school. Her friends complain they don't have enough quality time with their mothers and my daughter tells them she has TOO MUCH quality time. We get to do a lot of stuff together because I am not chained down to a job. I also am now going to college and will hopefully end up with a Masters in Library Science and a new career that I will love.
What effect has it had on you and your art/craft?
I haven't been creative in a long time. Jewelry making has kept me from going nuts. Gave me something to do. I am hoping that at one point I may even make a profit. But even so, I still do it because I enjoy it and I love Etsy and all the support they have given me.
What would you like to tell others who are going through the same things?
Each day is a new day.
It is okay to cry.
Tell everyone that you are looking for a job.
Ignore the ones that tell you that you aren't looking hard enough.
It is okay to ask for help.

Tips/Ideas for Promoting your shops/ etc.
Blog, facebook, twitter, and join teams. You have to get out there. Tell everyone what you do, wherever you go. Promote yourself.

Where else can we find you?
My blog:
Become a fan:
My etsy shops:

Friday, March 12, 2010

An Etsy Treasury

Thanks to Crochetize for a wonderful Will Craft for Food Etsy Street Team treasury.

Check out her blog:

Monday, March 8, 2010

Member Story - Girly Girls Crafts

Girly Girls Crafts was kind enough to share her story with us. In knit great?

What kind of art/craft do you do?
I knit. I sew. I felt. I basically love playing with yarn.

How did you get interested in it?
I started out making films. I was a student filmmaker and I was creating a stop-motion animation. I created little cloth dolls that I needed to animate. I wanted them to be realistic so I added yarn hair.
There was so much yarn leftover I thought I'd try to do something with it. I read somewhere that knitting was hard yet a great stress reducer for those lucky enough to get into the habit.
I started out on acrylic, moved on to cotton and made the leap into wool.

How long have you been crafting?
I took up knitting in 2008. But as a little girl my mom tried to teach me crochet. I hated it. It was a frustrating experience. I did hold onto one very important technique, the slipknot. I can make those in my sleep.
Since I started I've been knitting everyday. I knit when I watch tv. Travel. On vacation. I made knitting my compulsion. My hands do all the work so it has become like meditation.

What was your day job and what happened?
I was a full time student at the university and I was a student "Film Producer" for my University's Career Services. Media jobs have weird job titles. I basically produced commercials for Career Services. Casting actors. Writing scripts. Shooting and editing videos.
In the beginning the job was full of creativity and the whole office was really excited about my work. Then the economy tanked. Everyone was on the chopping block. My boss and I had put out the word that I needed an intern to help conduct these commercials.
I trained the intern. And he became my replacement in the following spring. The last two weeks were hard for me. I felt that I gave so much of myself to a job that offered so little in return.
After that I applied everywhere to no avail.

How did you turn a negative to a positive?
For my final semester I took up a few art classes. I was doing an all nighter on a sculptural project and I felt in that moment that I would love to do this for a job.

What effect has it had on you and your art/craft?
The difference between filmmaking and my knitted objects was how I felt upon completion. I never enjoyed screening my films. I always felt like I could have done more. With my knitted pieces I love what I create. I show them off. I come out of my shell.

What would you like to tell others who are going through the same things?
I think when I started making art, filmmaking, I was making them for myself and I was never satisfied. With knitting I started making scarves specifically for my Aunt. She has cancer. She wears those scarves everywhere.
I was so proud of those first knits. What I really loved was how those knits were providing her with comfort.
It really does make a difference when you put yourself aside and start making things for someone else.

Be sure to check out Girly Girls' wonderful knit creations at her Etsy shop!

Girly Girls Crafts